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On Tuesday 21 and Friday 24 May 7.30pm at Buxton's United Reformed Church, we're holding auditions for our Autumn 2024 production of Jim Cartwright's slice-of-life classic, Road.

Director Sorrel Thomas writes:

Welcome to … Road. Thursfield Road? Scafell Road? A northern road.

Scullery knows. Let him be your guide – you can ask him anything. He can introduce you to Dor and Lane as they totter down the cobbles to the Millstone Pub; Louise and Carol are also turning out for a drink and a boogie to the latest hits of ‘87. However, there are bigger things troubling the residents of Road than a slipped shoulder pad. Old Molly's run out of milk for her brew, Joey's angry at the world to the extreme, Skin Lad meditates with the Buddha and Jerry reflects on the demise of the big bands from the 1950s. There's a pervading sense of loneliness and disappointment – but Eddie and Brink have Otis Redding as catharsis, whilst others have their own ways of living - surviving - waiting for someone to come and shine their lives up.

Jim Cartwright's Road is a true ensemble play with 31 characters and options for multi-rolling, giving actors an opportunity to show their range. Cartwright's writing is to naturalism what brutalism was to architecture: exposed, raw and honest – we see things for what they are whether we want to or not and we find the emotion and heart beneath the bleak exterior.

I can't wait to introduce the residents to you!

Auditions will be held on Tuesday 21 and Friday 24 May 7.30pm at the Buxton United Reformed Church.

If you're interested in auditioning, we would like autitionees to choose one an audition piece to either learn or be very familiar with (their choice) so they are confident enough to take direction, and then to have a second one of a character that is contrasting in age that they are familiar with. They do not need to learn either off by heart, though, obviously, it would be encouraged that they try to learn their main choice.

These audition pieces have been sent out to BDL members - if you're interested in auditioning and would like to receive them, email and we'll send them out.

Road will be performed at Buxton's Pavilion Arts Centre from 7-9 November.


Any queries, message us here or email

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