Auditions – A Whiter Shade of Pale

Monday 14 December from 7pm – Zoom


Here’s a pre-Christmas treat – BDL have a new play on the horizon! Jayne Marling will direct Will Blake’s new audio drama, A Whiter Shade of Pale, and they’ll be holding auditions (over Zoom, of course) on Monday 14 December from 7pm.

Will describes A Whiter Shade of Pale as ‘the bastard son of Life on Mars and Blithe Spirit’. Set in the present day, most of the action takes place in a large stately home belonging to the Wellhavalin Family, currently owned and run by Lady Jennifer. The resident ghosts (the ‘Shade’ in the title) tell the stories of their demise, and the reasons why they are trapped in the earthly domain. They all have issues.

Things get interesting when a TV paranormal team, headed by an obnoxious presenter/ producer, arrives to undertake an investigation.

It does not end well for some but several of the characters learn valuable life (and death) lessons.

This play was inspired by real-life events, people, and trousers. It contains bad language, sexual references, death and unwarranted mockery of a revered Elizabethan playwright.

Cast of Characters

(This is an audio-play so you don't need to look the part just sound it. Several of the smaller parts can be male or female hence the non-binary names)

Wellhavalin House Residents

Russell Williams - A Ghost in his 30s, with attitudes from the 70s. Cocky until his final scene.

Sonia - Young, Psychic, but no-nonsense Housekeeper

Stone (Richard Tarlton) - Ghost of an Elizabethan Jester. A bit up himself.

Lady Jennifer - Older, Well-spoken, slightly detached, and world-weary. (Think John Le Mesurier's Sergeant Wilson)

Tug - Elemental Spirit. Comes across as a slightly stupid clown, but his sinister side emerges. Distinctive deeper voice to suggest his large size

Wilf Cunny - Handyman/Gardener. Irrepressibly cheerful (unless he is talking about his dead dog) country fellow

Lord Wellhavalin - Jennifer's Father, Educated


The TV Team

Toni  Markham - Really nasty female TV presenter (unless she's on camera then it's all sweetness and light).

Rocky - Fm Hair/Make-Up Artist, sweet voiced, but hard edged.

Jordan - Male Director, slightly inneffectual

Ashley - Female, Camera Person, an ally of Rocky’s

Paddy - Male, Sound Person

Sam - M/FM Camera Person

Sylvia Kefa - FM/M Rubbish Fake Medium


The University Flashback Friends

Rochelle - Jennifer's confident, harp playing University Friend. American if possible

Christine - Jennifer's jilted and weeping University Friend


The Elizabethans

William Shakespeare - Strong regional accent, not at all refined

Good Queen Bess - Regal, unless she's angry then she turns into Barbara Windsor



Cousin Ken/Kelly - Russell's Cousin Could be male or female

Radio Voice - Male or female


Anyone interested in taking part should email Jayne and Will on and let them know what parts they want to be considered for. Jayne and Will will then send individuals audition pieces to practice and Zoom audition times will be sent closer to the time.

The recording will take place in the New Year once we have a clearer idea of what the new Covid restrictions will be and how best to keep all participants safe.